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Everything you need to know about Roku is available here. Roku has various astonishing and amazing features for you. For the sake of your entertainment, download Roku tv remote app. Now, go for Roku Tv Setup, Roku activation code, and fxnetworks activation. Don’t get troubled whether your Roku remote not working. Just visit the activation code and get rid of this problem.

What is Roku?

Roku is an exceptionally good streaming device that makes your Tv a total entertainment box with all the great content on it. It is a device that lets you stream all kinds of audio and video content on your TV.

All you need is a fast internet connection and you are good to go.
Just get the Roku TV setup ( create an account)done. You can have all the streaming platform services on your TV.

Be it YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Voot, Amazon Prime, Spotify all these streaming platforms will be at your command. Roku Tv setup lets you watch all of that on your TV and multiple other channels. Roku is a great device for people.

Who has a smart TV without a cable connection? With the Roku activation code, they can stream a multitude of channels and programs on their tv at a very affordable price.

Roku App Download with

Roku mobile app that offers an additional range of features and functionality. You can download the Roku app from the iOS, pc, or android.

Google play store offers you flexibility with usage. An ultimate streaming device. After the Roku app downloads, your phone is going to be your second remote.

You are able to enjoy all the channels on the TV as well as mobile devices.

With the Roku app download, it gets easier to control your Roku player and TV: create account

Roku Activation Code

Now, to get started you need to connect your Roku device to an internet
connection. For that either you will have the option of wireless connectivity. You can connect with the modem or the router with the Ethernet cable.

Once you have connected the Roku to the internet and the television. You have to turn it on when you do that. You will get a message to update it. Click on that and update it.

Find the Roku Activation Link

The device will be rebooted and you will see a Roku link code on your
television screen.

This will be a code like e.g. XXXX. You have to note this Roku link code as this will be needed to connect your Roku device to your Roku account. This is the Roku Link which lets you activate your Roku Device.

Now you have to go to your web browser on your phone or PC and type the
URL Now on this site, you have to create a new account for
yourself by submitting the link code that you saw on your TV screen.
The moment you click on this it will guide you to a page

which will ask you to, “Please enter the link code from your TV Screen”
Now, in that box. You have to type that Roku activation code that appeared on the TV screen. When the device gets connected to it.
.Type this Roku account activation code and click on the submit button.

roku activation code

Create Roku Account

Once you click the submit button, you will be guided to the Roku account’s page where you will have to create a Roku account for yourself.
Create a New create account Now, you will be taken to the screen where you will create a new Roku account.

To create your Roku account. Enter the required details like email addresses and passwords.

(Make sure this is a valid email account in order to manage your information and to receive important account notifications.

You might need to make payment for premium channels. For that, you need to make sure of your email account with a strong and unbreakable password.)

When you filled all the required details, you have to click on it. Click the button with ‘I am not a robot’ and then submit your account details. Now, you have successfully created a create account.


Roku Tv Setup

All you need is to plug it directly into a port on your TV and connect to the
internet and set up a Roku account to start streaming content. After that, you need to register on Roku’s official website. By URL to get a Roku link code.

Then to get your personal Roku account created. Then you will be accessing the channels of your choice. The device will be rebooted and you will see a link on your television screen.

This will be a code like E.g. XXXX. You have to note this code as this will be
needed to connect your Roku device to your Roku account. This is the Roku
Link code
which lets you activate your Roku Device.

roku tv setup

Now you have to go to your web browser on your phone or PC and type the
URL Now on this site, you have to create a new account for
yourself by submitting the link code that you saw on your TV screen.

The moment you click on this URL it will guide you to a page which will ask you to, “Please enter the link code from your TV Screen”
Now, in that box, you have to type that code.

Which appeared on the TV screen. When the device was connected to it. Type this Roku activation code and click on the submit button.

Once you click the submit button. You will be guided to the Roku account’s
a page where you will have to create a Roku account for yourself.
The Roku account setup will complete. Only when it will get the right Roku link. Roku PIN for better safety for your Roku account setup

Know Roku Features

Now, the Roku offers you some free content. But it also offers you a variety of paid content. If you want to go for some paid content. You have to make payment for it and add your payment details online.

The payment linked to your Roku account will allow you to purchase subscriptions to channels, rent or buy movies and TV shows, or make other purchases from the Roku Channel Store.

However, this makes your account more prone to risks of hacking. And to use by some unauthorized party.

In that case, what you need is to set the Roku pin. This PIN (Personal Identification Number) is created to prevent unauthorized users in your home from purchasing items from the Roku Channel Store.

Once you have got the Pin to make sure. You use it for all the transactions.

So, you know they are authorized and no third party can make any purchases without asking for your permission.

For better safety, the Roku account gives you an option to create a
personalized PIN number to have better control over your access. Now you
have successfully completed the Roku Tv setup.

Roku Mobile App with

When you have a smartphone in hand. You do not need to worry about the
Roku remote as you can access all its functionality using the Roku mobile app too. It offers various features and benefits like:

Once you have completed the Roku app setup. You can use it to control any
Roku devices that are installed at your place. From accessing channels and
features to turning on and off the power and the volume all could be done
using the Roku app. It even allows you to make use of the directional keypad in place of the usual Roku device menu.

roku  mobile app

Use Roku Mobile App to Fast Start a Roku TV
You can even use the Roku Mobile App to activate the Fast TV Start feature on the Roku tv and it will be an amazing added functionality.

Roku App for PC |

Roku is one amazing device that has changed the way we watch TV. It keeps on adding new and updated features. Its products to make its range so much exciting and fascinating. Now, going beyond its usual Roku is expanding its functionality from phones to PC.

Yes, we have had our share of fun using the Roku mobile app. Now, that app is also coming for PC. Isn’t that amazing. Now, you can control your TV using your laptop or computer. Which was ever the case before. All the Roku devices can be controlled using this new Roku app for PC.

It will be so much easier to find your favorite movie, music, channel. And TV show on the Roku app for PC. Get here

roku app for pc

Amazing Features of the Roku app for PC are:
Search for movies, shows, music, channels online on your PC?

Continue watching your favorite content on PC?

You would be able to use two screens one the TV on which Roku has
been set up. Other PC on which the Roku app for PC is running?

The app is compatible with all the Roku devices?

You will get to access your laptop’s content on TV too using the Roku
app for PC
. From personal photos to music, you can enjoy your PC’s data
on TV.


A Roku TV is a version of a Smart TV with an integrated Roku device. Which specifically runs Roku streaming video apps.

Which has an integrated remote control for both TV and Roku functions?

There are certain people who find it hard to set up the device. So today we will discuss how can we Setup the Roku TV or
where can we find the Roku enter link code. While setting up the Roku TV?

roku setup


-Unbox the Roku TV.
-Connect the Roku TV to the Power. Connect Roku to the included TV adapter. Set the TV to correct input for the Roku device.
-Now, its turn to insert batteries. Now you’ll have to pair the remote and
follow the instructions being told.
-Next, you will see the Roku language selection screen, select your preferred
language to Set up Roku.
–If you choose Wi-Fi, select “Set up a new wireless connection”.

-Select the name of your wireless network, put the password for your Wireless network.
-If the router is near your TV.

Then it’s good as it will probably run faster. Would be more reliable than Wi-Fi.
-Once it gets connected to the internet. Roku may need to install some
updates. So, let it update. Restart if needed.

-Roku will now ask you to detect your TV’s display. Use the remote to start this brief test for setting up the Roku.
-Now, follow the directions to open a web page on your pc or phone and enter the code you are being provided with.
-Now, create a create account, and if already made, just re-login.

-Give the Roku a nickname. This can be helpful. If you have more than one Roku. Roku will now ask you to choose channels.

Lastly, click on “continue”, add channels. The Roku Setup is now complete.


There are a few steps to activate Roku, the steps are as follows:

  1. Activate Roku to access topmost channels like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, etc. from your PC, Phone, tablet. Go to the official Roku site.
  2. Then enter the Roku link code.
  3. Once done screen will automatically update.
  4. Now, the Roku website will ask if you already have an account or you
    need to create one.
  5. Select the correct option to activate Roku.
  6. Now the screen will ask you to choose channels. It will also provide you the options as to which channels have free trials. You may select if you want any.
  7. On your screen, you will see the channels getting updated.
  8. Now TV will ask you the list of devices connected (you will get this
    option only on ROKU TV, not on stick or box.) Select if any.
  9. Now, your device is all set and ready to rock.
roku activation
Roku Activation code


  1. Set up your device as per the guide that came with the Roku device.
  2. To activate Roku Express, connect the device to the power supply.
  3. Connect the device either directly to the HDMI port on your TV or using the HDMI cable that came with the Roku.
  4. Power on the Roku and your TV.
  5. Select our Roku interface language as per your choice.
  6. Select the display screen resolution.
  7. Connect to the Wi-Fi network to activate Roku Express.
  8. Using a web browser, open Roku com link or Roku com/link and enter
    the activation code.
  9. Enter the Roku activation code and follow the online instructions.


Roku remote blinking, but not working. Why is it so? With a small profile and just a handful of buttons, by contrast. Roku remote controls are simple until. They inevitably break somehow.

If Roku remote has stopped syncing. A simple battery swap hasn’t solved the problem. There are a few methods. You can try it before you hurl the peripheral into the nearest recycling bin. You can go through Roku help or you may follow the steps given below:

roku remote not working



Check the signals first as the possibility can be the blockage of the signals. This problem can be caused due to the blocking of signals. Which might be making the way from the remote to your streaming device.

So, go and remove any object. Which is mistakenly placed in front of the Roku. It will Roku help to work smoothly.


Take out the batteries from your remote and restart the device. But this time, press and hold the pairing button and placed in the battery compartment – 10 seconds should be enough. You’ll see a flashing light.

If so, wait for a few seconds. And see if the remote re-establishes a connection with the streaming device. Check out the Roku setup guide on their website.


Open the compartment section on your remote located at the backside.
Then remove the batteries and remove the power of the Roku device.
Hold on for 5 seconds. After removing the cable and insert in the

-If you see the Roku home screen. Then, you may put the batteries back into the remote.
-Just wait for 20 seconds more to get the connection established.


Find out which type of remote you have, this can easily be known by opening the battery compartment of the remote.

If you find any dual or pairing button then it simply means that you have an advanced point anywhere.

If you don’t have such pairs of a button then it means you have a less fancy remote.


Try using an HDMI extension cord or pigtail to move it away from getting being flushed against the television.


If you find any problem or you want any help just call on the Roku customer service numbers are given on their website.


Try a different power supply. Make sure it has the minimum 800mA power.
Sometimes, attaching to the unpowered TV USB for power causes devices to

Hopefully, all of the tricks will work. But if you still find any problem do call on Roku customer service number for further help or create account